Galerie ter Braak
Dutch paintings (1880-1930)

click here for enlargement Raoul MARTINEZ
Paris 1876 - 1973
'elegant lady'
oil on paintersboard: 63x50 cm.
signed and dated '15 l.r.
Self-taught painter. Parents were friends of the painter Guillaumin. Fled to Holland in 1914 and stayed 30 years. In 1936 Solo exhibition at Nieuwenhuizen-Segaar. Honoured with an exibition in '56 at the 'Museum Municipal' of The Haque.
click here for enlargement Johannes ELZINGA
Wommels 1893-Leeuw. 1969
'a town scene in Amsterdam'
oil on canvas: 30x40 cm,
signed and dated '52 l.r.
Student of the National Academys of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and in The Haque.
Royal grant from 1917 - 1920.
Two times the premium of the 'Willink van Collen' award.
Work in the Dutch National Collection..
Click here for enlargement Jacob Abraham ZON
The Haque 1872 - 1932
'view in Haarlem'
oil on panel: 40x50 cm.
not signed.
Student of the Academys of Fine Arts in The Haque, Antwerp and Paris.
Received 3 years the Royal grant.
Work in several museums among others the 'Museum municipal' in The Haque.
Click here for enlargement Herman BOGMAN
The Haque 1890 - 1975
'moored boats near The Haque'
oil on panel: 34x44 cm.
signed l.r.
Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in The Haque and of H.C.C. Bogman.
Was advised by Willem de Zwart.
Well- known for his brilliant coloration, was also a verry good painter of water-colours.
Work in the Dutch National collection.
Click here for enlargement Gerrit HAVERKAMP
Amsterdam 1872-Baarn 1926
'the harvest'
oil on canvas: 50x70 cm.
signed l.r.
Self- taught painter, lived and worked together with M.V. van der Valk in Scherpenzeel (1902).
Work in several museums such as
'Museum de Lakenhal' in Leiden and the 'Westfries museum' in Hoorn.
Click here for enlargement Lodewijk STUTTERHEIM
Rotterdam 1873-Gouda 1943
'landscape with children'
oil on board: 30x40 cm.
signed l.l.
Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam and of J.A.B. Stroebel.
Belongs to the so- called 'second bloom' of The Haque school.
Work in several museums.
Click here for enlargement Ans van den BERG
Amsterdam 1873 - 1942
'still life with red box'
oil on canvas: 57x70 cm.
signed l.l.
Student of M. Hagemans in Brussels, E.S. van Beever in Laren, P.P. Rink and J. Bauer- Stumpff. After that she studied in Paris at the Academy 'Colarossi'. She was one of the so- called 'Amsterdamse Joffers'.
Work in several museums.

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